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Information for bulk orders

If you have never ordered meat in bulk, this page explains what you can expect. All our animals are butchered, vacuum packed and frozen in local MAPAQ inspected facilities by certified personnel.
At the abattoirs, they really go to great lengths to insure that the animals do not stress or suffer needlessly. The places we work with are spotless.
Important! Prices are calculated by hanging (carcass) weight.

Most of our clients do not want to choose their cuts, so we usually ask the butcher for a variety of cuts. If you want special cuts or if you want the butcher to package according to your family size, please inform us as early as possible!

Iowa State University made an interesting document for those who want to know more.

Here are some examples from the fall 2020

Grass-fed beef

Carcass weight: 785 lbs
Cutting yield: 500 lbs

or about 24 cubic feet

Ground beef: 209.95 lbs
Cubes: 15.38 lbs
T-bone: 19.22lbs
Picana: 5.47 lbs
Strip steak: 9.98 lbs
Tenderloin: 5.29 lbs
Undercut: 6.44 lbs
Blade roast: 19.37 lbs
Fondu beef: 10.84 lbs
Brochette: 11.55 lbs
Pear steak: 5.60 lbs
Round steak: 20.20 lbs
sirloin tip roast: 13.82 lbs
Sirloin steak: 13.73 lbs
Soup bones: 6.41 lbs
Osso bucco: 17.17 lbs
Rib steak: 14.85 lbs
Ribeye steak: 8.15 lbs
Short ribs: 27.02 lbs
Macreuse: 10.54 lbs
Brisket: 15.19 lbs
Denver steak: 9.26 lbs
Flank steak: 4.17 lbs
Tail, cheeks, skirt, hanger: 9.88 lbs
Liver and offal : 10.24 lbs

A quarter beef is actually a split half, so nobody ends up with the smaller front quarter


Carcass weight: 59.5 lbs
Cutting yield: 43.07 lb

2 cubic feet

Rolled flank: 3.61 lbs
Rack: 3.79 lbs
Chops: 5.98 lbs
Ground lamb: 3.91 lbs
Cubes: .57 lbs
Shoulder steaks: 2.55 lbs
Neck: 1.49 lbs
Foreshank: 4.21 lbs
Shoulder Roast: 4.12 lbs
Ribs: 2.73 lbs
Leg steak: 1.94 lbs
Leg: 7.17 lbs


Carcass weight: 235 lb
Cutting yield: 155 lbs

6 cubic feet

Cutlets: 2.34 lb
Shank: 11.37 lb
Chops: 6.95 lb
Roast bone-in: 30.31 lb
Ground pork: 15.70 lb
Loin: 6.20 lb
Steak: 2.88 lb
Brochette: 1.83 lb
Butterfly chops: 4.98 lb
Tenderloin (Filet): 2.13 lb
Ribs: 6.58 lb
Cubes: 2.69 lb
Rack: 8.09 lb
Feet: 3.20 lbs
Cheeks (bajoues): 4.20 lbs
Fat (Panne): 5.00 lbs
Offal: 3.96 lbs
Ham:10.35 lb
Bacon: 10.35 lb

Our price includes traditionally smoked hams and bacon without nitrites.

Beef boxBeef and pork boxPork boxBestsellersBrunch
4 t-bones1 roast pork8 pork chops2 lb ground beef1 lbs Bacon
5 lb beef cubes2 lb pork cubes3 pork roasts2 lbs ground pork1 lbs breakfast sausage
1 blade roast4 lb ground pork1 pork loin2 round steaks1 doz eggs
4 round steaks3lb beef cubes1 pork shank4 pork chops1 lbs sliced ham
4 lb ground beef2 t-bones8 lb cubes1 lb baconVery spécial maple syrup
2 round steak1 ham 2-3 lb2 chicken breasts
1 crossrib roast2 lb steaks2 lbs chicken wings
5 lb ground beef1 rack of pork
10 lb ground pork
2 lbs cutlets
2 lbs brochette cubes