Ferme d'ORée Farm

Organic vegetable baskets

We LOVE growing veggies! We sell subscription vegetable baskets for 20 weeks starting on 1st of July every year.
We primarily work with a subscription-based system for the whole season only, even though we often have surplus vegetable baskets as well. We have small ($25/week, about 8 veggies) and large baskets (35$/week, about 12 veggies)

Our goal is to sell 400 subscriptions in 2021, in Lac-Mégantic, Sherbrooke, and Montrèal.

We grow cucumber, tomatoes, cherry tomates and eggplant in our greenhouses throughout the season, we follow the rhythm of the season for our field veggies.

Our vegetables are produced by the Ferme Côté Jardin and certified organic by Ecocert. The Ferme d'ORée takes care of marketing and distribution. Since vegetables are perishable, we need to plan in advance. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), strengthens the link between consumer and producer, and helps us to avoid waste.