Ferme d'ORée Farm

Pasture raised pork


Pastured Berkshire pork

Most people who taste our Berkshire pork, say that they never knew what pork was supposed to taste like! Tender, juicy and marbled, lower pH, finer muscle fibers, excellent fat. Raised sustainably from birth to plate.


Pastured Mangalitsa pork

If you want to taste something rare and exquisite try our Mangalitsa pork. Superb marbling and up to 40% fat. Raised sustainably from birth to plate.


Economical pastured pork

If you want a cheaper, leaner pork raised on pasture, this is the pork for you.



Grassfed-and-finished beef

Finishing beef without grain is really hard (especially in winter) because hay contains little energie for growth. We manage somewhat by recycling tonnes of recycled vegetable cuttings, but at a cost.

Pastured lamb


Pastured lamb

The way we do it, pastured lamb is so much leaner and more tender than muttony grass-fed lamb of New-Zealand or the fatty Suffolk crosses that are popular in Québec. But, it is a seasonal proposition.

Pastured eggs and chicken



We do not produce meat birds on the farm, but we work with several small producers, each with their own production methods. They all taste great! Without quota, one cannot raise more than 300 chickens in Quebec.


Pastured Bresse chickens

We still have some Bresse chicken(which is very good but very expensive).


Pastured eggs

Raised outdoors in our eggmobile until there is snow on the ground. In winter we need to bring them in. You will taste the difference.

Honey and veggies


Real honey

Nothing destroys the taste of real honey like pasteurization and ultrafiltration. We do not!


Certified organic vegetable baskets

Subscription and surplus baskets.