Ferme d'ORée Farm

Sustainable agriculture

Sarah, Gert, Rosalie & Camille

We realized early on that if we want to create value for our clients, we must transcend marketing stories, practice truly sustainable agriculture and provide our clients with exquisite, unique products.

Regenerative or sustainable farmers make the following claims:

Economic impact: we produce high quality, exquisite products for a niche market. Clients pay a fair price. The value proposition must be balanced. Clients do not pay for our inefficiencies. Money flows into our community.

Environmental impact: efficient production minimizes waste and we maximize recycled inputs. Local production and sales means les pollution. We detail a agro-environmental plan for manure management.

Animal welfare impact: animals can express their natural behaviors. They have lots of space and live in a fitting environment.

Impact on climate change: more carbon sequestration because of intensively rotated pastures.

Social impact: no hidden costs that have to be carried by society or future generations. Honest relationships with suppliers and employees. Family farm.

Impact on consumer health: more omega-3, more CLAs. No antibiotics. No hormones. No synthetic pesticides. (We use some organic bio-pesticides on our veggies.)

Pasture raised pork


Pastured Berkshire pork $$

Most people who taste our Berkshire pork, say that they never knew what pork was supposed to taste like! Tender, juicy and marbled, lower pH, finer muscle fibers, excellent fat. Raised sustainably from birth to plate.


Pastured Mangalitsa pork $$$

If you want to taste something rare and exquisite try our Mangalitsa pork. Superb marbling and up to 40% fat. Raised sustainably from birth to plate.


Economical pastured pork $

If you want the cheapest happy lean pork raised on pasture, this is the pork for you.



Grassfed-and-finished beef $$$

Finishing beef without grain is really hard (especially in winter) because hay contains little energie for growth. We manage somewhat by recycling tonnes of recycled vegetable cuttings, but at a cost.


Economical grass-fed, grain-finished beef (without antibiotics and hormones) $$

You are not convinced that grass-fed-and-finished is more healthy or more sustainable, but you want high quality beef for a good price...this might be the beef you need. Quarters only.

Pastured lamb


Pastured lamb

The way we do it, pastured lamb is so much leaner and more tender than muttony grass-fed lamb of New-Zealand or the fatty Suffolk crosses that are popular in Québec. But, it is a seasonal proposition.

Pastured eggs and chicken


Ferme Rose des Vents Chicken $

Raised indoors by the Ferme Rose des Vents, but very well done and without antibiotics...


Pastured Bresse chickens $$$

We still have some Bresse chicken(which is very good but very expensive), but we return to a classic pastured chicken this summer.


Pastured eggs

Raised outdoors in our eggmobile until there is snow on the ground. In winter we need to bring them in. You will taste the difference.

Honey and veggies


Real honey

Nothing destroys the taste of real honey like pasteurization and ultrafiltration. We do not!


Certified organic vegetable baskets

Surplus and surprise baskets only. Limited quantity.