Ferme d'ORée Farm

Sustainable agriculture

Sarah, Gert, Rosalie & Camille

We realized early on that if we want to create value for our clients, we must transcend marketing stories, practice truly sustainable agriculture and provide our clients with exquisite, unique products.

Regenerative or sustainable farmers make the following claims:

Economic impact: we produce high quality, exquisite products for a niche market. Clients pay a fair price. The value proposition must be balanced. Clients do not pay for our inefficiencies. Money flows into our community.

Environmental impact: efficient production minimizes waste and we maximize recycled inputs. Local production and sales means les pollution. We detail a agro-environmental plan for manure management.

Animal welfare impact: animals can express their natural behaviors. They have lots of space and live in a fitting environment.

Impact on climate change: more carbon sequestration because of intensively rotated pastures.

Social impact: no hidden costs that have to be carried by society or future generations. Honest relationships with suppliers and employees. Family farm.

Impact on consumer health: more omega-3, more CLAs. No antibiotics. No hormones. No synthetic pesticides. (We use some organic bio-pesticides on our veggies.)

Welcome to Ferme d'ORée Farm

With COVID-19, we do deliveries without contact. Some delivery times and places will be slightly adapted in function of the number of orders.


The ferme d’Orée is a small family farm in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. We produce and sell grass-fed beef, pastured pork, lamb and eggs, unpasteurized honey and organic fruits and vegetables directly to the consumer and through specialized butchers.

Our mission is to produce great food,
that heals the planet and its people,
one bite at a time.

We sure have come a long way since we produced our first pastured pork in 2002 and over time we have developped a unique expertise in sustainable agriculture.

Since we sell directly to the consumer, we have to do some marketing. We want to do so without naivity and negativity towards other professional farmers, and without using fear to convince you to buy our products.
We just want to produce great, sustainable food, and we just want you to enjoy it with your friends and family.

Frankly, good, wholesome food does not need a story. You will taste the difference.

How does it work?

1. You find more information about our production methods under Our products

2. Then, go to Delivery options to see when and where we deliver.

3. You can look at our Our prices first,

4. or go straight to ordering online via the link Place an order.

5. We will send you a confirmation email with the exact amount on the day of the delivery. Please pay per cheque or cash on delivery, or by Interac before the delivery (please use 'viande' if a password is required). We do not accept VISA or debit cards.

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You are what you eat

Food literally becomes a part of you!
Three times a day, you vote for the kind of world you want to live in!
If you are new here, we hope that you too will endorse sustainanble agriculture and that we will see you soon at one of the Ferme d'ORée farm's delivery points!

Gert, Sarah, Rosalie & Camille

Did you know that...
... the d’ORée farm started as a dream in 2000, somewhere between Nepal and Mexico; A dream that sprang from a desire to live an honest life in harmony with nature and a desire to cultivate the soil while nurturing relationships with family and community.
... l'ORée means (forest) edge. Forest edges attract the greatest ecological diversity. We hope that our farm can also function as a cultural edge and attract people from country and city alike.