Angus genetics

True sustainable animal agriculture is 10% nutrition, 10% environment, 80% genetics and 0% bullshit. Our purebred Angus cow herd does not eat half of what our previous commercial herd ate and produces more pounds of meat, with far fewer problems. They are also really beautiful!


The bulls for the summer of 2023 are all sold. We will sell another bull, DOR 3J, in the fall after service. Son of N Bar Emulation EXT and DON Blackbird 5D, he is docile, with good conformation and excellent fast-growing, thick calves.

Les taureaux pour l’été 2023 sont vendus. Nous aurions un taureau, DOR 3J, à vendre en automne à la fin du service. Fils de N Bar Emulation EXT et DON Blackbird 5D, il est docile avec bonne conformation et ses veaux sont vraiment à croissance vite et il ajoute de l’ épaisseur.


Bulls are important, but cows are what really matters of course.

We sell purebred Angus heifers starting from 4 000$.

Check out DOR 18K on the CAA website. She is the best out of a dozen PVF Blacklist 7077 x Tar Donna 614 embryos. ($15 000).

Tar Donna 614 – embryo donor

Coleman Donna 2302 (embryo donor cow)