Angus genetics

Sustainable cows

City dwellers, beginning farmers and sustainability gurus do not realize to which extent outstanding animals can make agriculture more resilient and sustainable. Nothing else compares remotely to this. Superb animals can produce more meat with less inputs (so less resources are wasted), are easier to work with, calve succesfully every year, are more functional, and are simply more beautiful to look at. (Oh yeah, if you did not catch it yet, true sustainable production is not about producing less, but about producing more with less.)

Few people – farmers even- realize that quality differences within breeds are more important than between breeds. We settled on the Angus breed because it is the most productive and widespread breed in North America, (and as such, more genetic resources are available), and because our clients like marbled meat.

Tar Donna 614 – embryo donor

We sell functional Angus genetics. At our farm, we have no more interventions around birth, no more limping animals (ever), we do not need to be weary of a bull or a cow that just calved and our calves weigh 50-100lbs more at weaning. It does not end there. They finish beautifully on a low energy ration without hormones or antibiotics, and in our butcher shop, we see great marbling, improved musculature and big, beautiful ribeyes. Have achieved that, now we are mostly breeding for beauty.

Most farmers that keep buying crappy bulls, also keep complaining about how difficult farming is. It is hard to select a good bull. Anyways, since we sell tonnes of meat, we can afford to only offer the best bulls for reproduction each year.

DOR 1J Raindrop 8825 – an SAV Rainfall son ideal for breeding heifers

Reserve your yearling bulls for 2023 now: we have bulls that are sired by SAV America, SAV Headwaters, PVF Blacklist, Colburn Primo, Musgrave Crackerjack, Myers Fair’n square, and our PJ Henry. Our bulls are born in spring, so it is best to come and see them in the spring/summer as well!

We will also have two-year old SAV Rainfall and Nbar Emulation Ext sons for sale. They have done some light duty work for us as yearlings.

If you are producing calves for meat, a great bull can do a lot for run-of-the-mill commercial cows, but if your aim is reproduction, the chances that he will substantially improve an average herd are slim to none. We sell some real beauties for reproduction every year, but they are not cheap. There is a lot of work,and there are a lot of failures, behind the genetics we do sell. We sell only the very best, the rest goes for meat.

Coleman Donna 2302 (embryo donor cow)

Donava Blackbird 6F was one of the first really nice cows that we bought. In 2022, she gave birth to a pair of (female) Raindance twins, that will will keep as replacement cows.

Donava Blackbird 6F – one of our favorite cows

Bulls for sale in 2023 by private treaty

2022-05-14DOR 15K8849Musgrave CrackerjackMaya 247DSAV harvestor 
2022-05-15DOR 19K8853Colburn PrimoColeman Donna 2302SAV Final Answer 
2022-05-17DOR 21K7327SAV AmericaColeman Donna 2302SAV Final AnswerRESERVED
2022-05-10DOR 6K8844PVF BlacklistTar Donna 614SAV ResourceRESERVED
2022-05-17DOR 22K7328Myers Fair’n SquareDonava Blackbird JCG 1H – 110AAR Ten X 
2022-07-02DOR 30K7351PJ H1Donava Blackbird JCG 8H – 112Mogck Entice 
2022-05-21DOR 27K7951SAV HeadwatersDonava Persephone JCG 8D –  48Mac Equinox 
2021-05-06DOR 3J7899N BAR Emulation EXTDonava Blackbird JCG 5DMac Equinox 
2021-04-16DOR 1J8825SAV RainfallDonava Blackbird JCG 2EAAR Ten X 
2020-01-05PJ 1H Mohnen SuccessTMA Queen Mother 58ZMac Warrant 1X 

    Photos will follow.