Angus genetics

Sustainable cows

Resilient, sustainable agriculture requires, first and foremost, superb animals. It is that simple. Superb animals produce more meat with less inputs (so less resources are wasted), are easier to work with, calve succesfully every year, are more functional and are simply more beautiful to look at. Genetics are a straightforward investment. Quality differences within breeds are often more important than between breeds. We settled on the Angus breed because it is the most productive breed in North America, more genetic resources are available, and because our clients like marbled meat. We do not ‘show’ our animals at expositions.

Tar Donna 614 – embryo donor

We do sell Angus genetics. We select for functionality: docility, growth, carcass quality, calving ease, members and confirmation.
A good bull can easily add 50 pounds to 100 calves during his lifetime. At current auction prices, that bull will give you $10000 right there, just based on growth. He is much less likely to have physical problems and turn on you, he will produce far more beautiful calves, and he will just be a pleasure to look at. Yet, unfortunately, for lack of a market, great bulls sell way under their market value.

Some Northernview calves

The market for great cows is even smaller and limited to high end breeders. You need great cows to produce great bulls. Commercial cows are better suited to produce commodity meat.

Coleman Donna 6243 – embryo donor

Artificial imsemination and embryo transfers give us acces to the greatest bulls and cows on the planet. We have cows that are fathered by SAV America, a 1.5 million USD bull, SAV Rainfall, Resource, Raindance and Headwaters, show winners PVF Blacklist and Colburn Primo, and more. Some of our most beautiful cows are out of Coleman, Donava and Northernview stock.

Donava Blackbird 8H – one of our favorite cows

We currently have some embryos for sale, fathered by Colburn Primo, PVF Blacklist (sexed F) or Musgrave Crackerjack (sexed F).
You can also reserve a bull fathered by SAV Rainfall, N Bar Emulation for 2022. In 2023 we will sell bulls from SAV America, Colburn Primo, and PJ Henry

Our 2021 bull Henry PJ H1

Purebred Berkshire Pigs

While we have a similar philosophy for our Berkshire pigs, we do not sell Berkshire genetics at this point.

Berkshire pigs