Atelier d’ORée

After ten years of raising increasingly prettier animals and selling increasingly better meat, we decided that it was time to take control of how our exquisite meats are processed as well. Farm to fork, you know…

We now have a much deeper understanding of meat cuts and quality and this helps us to serve you better!

Here is some information on how to cook beef.

Operating the Atelier d’Orée helps us to eliminate waste. We even make soap!

Now we can also do specific cuts that are not available on our website! Do not hesitate to call us.

We were already making dozens of different sausages, but now we are making dozens of smoked and charcuterie products. This enables us to use the whole animal much better.

Try our delicious white ham, our extra-ordinary bacon (with or without nitrites), our pepperoni, summer sausage, and much more!

Old Clyde smokehouse

We smoke in a real smokehouse: our Old Clyde is a Ole Hickory Pit smoker (yep, it is tradition to give these things a name!) : there is not a part of a pig that we cannot smoke! But we also do beef jerkies, chicken wings and so on.

If you want to try smoking yourself, try these amazing barbecue cuts like tri-tip, skirt steak, flank steak or flat iron.

Beef bacon

And, we are adding new products all the time.


One of the most exciting things we do in the Atelier is charcuterie. We make prosciutto, guanciale, lonzo, coppa, finocchiona, basturma, bresoala, summer sausage, motadelle, head cheese and so much more.