Restaurants and caterers

For the last 11 years, the Ferme d’ORée has delivered specialized, responsible meat products directly to the consumer and selected butcher shops. So far, we have been limited to frozen cuts and fresh carcasses.

We know that working carcasses is not easy for most restaurants, and even most butcher shops, and now we can finally offer products that are more manageable and some transformed products as well. We deliver every Wednesday in Montreal.

We installed a butcher shop at the farm, Atelier d’ORée, and a smokehouse, Old Clyde. Our butcher shop and smokehouse are not certified C1 for the moment, so we can only sell our cuts and transformed meats to restaurants and to the end consumer, not to other butcher shops.

The biggest challenge for us will be to use the whole animal. Therefore, we will publish our availabilities each Friday morning and we close orders on Tuesday morning at 7.00h. But don’t be shy and ask us what you want ahead of time so that we can plan our abattoir and smokehouse accordingly.

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Transformed products