Flemish stew : Stoofvlees op grootmoeders wijze

So easy that even Gert can make it, but you have to let it simmer for about 24h

4 lbs beef cubes

4 tbsp butter

Salt and pepper

3 onions sliced

3 tbsp flour

1.5L beef broth

2 beers (350mL)

4 thyme twigs

2 bay leaves

1 tbsp dijon mustard spread on 1 slice of bread

1 tbsp brown sugar

Dry beef cubes with paper towel and salt and pepper them well. In a large pot (creuset), heat 2 tbsp butter on medium fire. Brown a layer of cubes (do not overcrowd as they will boil instead of brown) for 3 minutes each side without stirring.

Once brown, remove and repeat with the remaining cubes. Reserve cubes in a plate and heat 2 tbsp butter on low heat then add onions with ½ tsp salt, cook for 15 minutes.

Add flour and stir well, cooking for 2 minutes. Pour the broth in while deglazing the pot, then add the beer, thyme, bay leaves, beef cubes and their juice. Raise the temperature and wait until it boils.

Lower temperature and let simmer, adding the slice of bread mustard face down, covering the pot halfways. Simmer for 24 hours, stirring now and then to avoid pieces sticking on bottom. Once cubes are tender, add salt and pepper to taste, even a bit of brown sugar.

Remove thyme and bay leaves and serve with mashed potatoes or even better with fries and mayonnaise. To add some colour, you could add chunks of carrots when you mix in the beer.

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