For 2024, we offer deer ($250) and moose ($1.60/lbs) butchering at our farm butcher shop, l’Atelier d’ORée. Sausages ($50/10lbs), fondue meat slicing ($10/5lbs), and GST and QST are extra.

We offer a 25$ rebate if your carcass is clean and killed within the last 24h when you bring it.

Our address is

273, chemin Beaver Ridge

J0B 1M0 Newport (Cookshire-Eaton)

819 875 1606

Our business hours are Monday to Saturday 8-16h. Sunday closed.

Give us a call if you have to bring your deer outside of our business hours.

We accept moose by appointment only. So call before you come down!

Don’t forget

  • to empty your kill before coming to the farm.
  • to remove the asshole
  • to cut the sternum and remove the windpipe so the blood can drain
  • to clean the carcass as well as possible before coming. If you ruptured the stomach/liver please clean thoroughly an immediately .
  • to have your confirmation number ready. All deer must be registered.
  • to bring your confirmation or send it to

A clean carcass is much easier to work with and a lot of meat can be ruined with improper care. 75% of our clients could save more of their meat if they cleaned the deer better. Below are some extreme cases.

This one looked good on the outside, but stomach contents seeped through the whole shoulder.

Fresh carcasses are easier to skin and much less meat is wasted with perfect cleaning – it rarely is perfect. Ageing improves tenderness and taste, but only in the first 2-4 days for deer (and 2 weeks for moose). On the contrary, big stags that were in heat may taste too strong with ageing.

A beautiful buck, but a strong buck smell already after 5 days

Many of you keep your deer in your garage before bringing it. We really don’t recommend keeping deer in your garage because of temperature fluctuations, and … mice. Take it to the professionals right away, and you’ll avoid a lot of problems.

Yep, that is mice shit from your garage. Bon appetit!
Nothing much left to save on these filets that were not well cleaned

Our butchers are experienced and work in professional facilities, but they are not magicians!

We will weigh your animal when we skin it. Ask us for the weight when you pick up your meat.

We return all your meat to you, vacuum-packed and refrigerated, usually one to two weeks after. If you prefer frozen, an additional $10 will be charged. We’ll call you when it’s ready!

We will make all the fondu and sausages in December and January, so that we can process more deer during the season.

We can deliver in Montreal or Quebec during our regular meat drop-offs.