Welcome to the virtual butcher shop of the Ferme d’ORée and the Atelier d’ORée!

Since 2002, we produce quality grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured lamb, chicken, eggs on our farm. We transform some of these products and we sell directly online via this store. 95% of our orders are delivered at drop-off points, but home delivery is possible.

All the animals from the ferme d’ORée are killed in an abattoir inspected by the MAPAQ and then cut up, sometimes transformed, vacuum packed and frozen at the Atelier d’ORée. (Or if needed by a local butcher that has a C1 approved facility.)

Prices include cutting, wrapping, freezing and delivery at a drop off point. Prices are per package. The weight are indicative and can differ slightly, but we do our best to standardize cuts.

For home delivery in the Montreal region, freight charges of 50$+tax apply.

The weights indicated for whole animal orders are carcass weights. Please see the product description for more info. Bulk orders are more economical than by the cut orders.

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Ribeye vaca veija aged 32 days

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Vaca Vieja, means "Old Cow" in Spanish. This Old World Tradition of Vaca Vieja Beef is known for its rich buttery fats, robust beef flavors.

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